Welcome to Celico!

We have been lending our management expertise to condominium communities throughout greater Montreal for the past 20 years. Our team is proud to offer top-quality, professional services that are tailored to the needs of each condo association (syndicate of co-ownership).

Our group has earned a sterling reputation in management circles for our multidisciplinaryknow-how, our high-level negotiating skills and our dedication to serving our clients’ interests.

We also have a team in place to oversee residential management in non-condominium properties. Our clients stick with us year after year, as we continue to push the envelope in the world of property management and deliver an unparalleled level of after-sales service.

Celico is a long-time member of the Association des syndicats de copropriété du Québec (ASCQ) andthe Regroupement des gestionnairesetcopropriétaires du Québec (RGCQ) and recently joined the Corporation des gérants de corpropriété (CORGEC).


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